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Welcome to the Client Upload Center

This area allows you to upload files for your printing projects. An easy way to ensure that a project is completed in a timely manner and will not incur additional costs is to send project files that are prepared correctly.

Please use this checklist as a guideline to optimize your print ordering experience with us:

  • Clearly indicate the filename of the document to print.
  • Include a hard-copy sample or PDF of the file to print.
  • Create the document with the same trim size as the final printed piece.
  • Include all source images in your document.
  • Raster images should be a minimum of 300 DPI
  • Flatten source images and save them as TIF or EPS files
  • Include all fonts used in your document (both screen and printer fonts). Don't forget to check for embedded fonts in images!
  • Do not use the style palette to italicize or bold a font. Instead, use the actual typeface such as, Arial Bold.
  • Remove any unused colors from your document's color palette.
  • Ensure all colors are CMYK or spot colors (please do not use RGB or registration)
  • Remember to extend images that bleed beyond the edge of the document 1/4". Also keep any critical data .125" from the edge of the page.
  • Remove any fold or cut lines form the print image area.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.

Phone 847.827.9700